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We are proud to support you in your expansion and transformation.

Your challenges

Do you identify any obstacles in the functioning of your organization ?

" We carried out a major internal reorganization, after which we noted a pessimistic mood among our teams and a lack of collaboration between departments. Today, we feel it is imperative to better share our vision in order to remobilize people around our strategic axes. "

"Cécile, our management team is busy with day-to-day operational management. We feel the need to take a step back to better anticipate market trends, redefine our objectives, clarify our processes and commitments for the coming years. Can you help us?"

"After our fund-raising, things accelerated. Focused on our objectives, our organization grew, but we forgot about our teams. To avoid burn-out and turn-over, we need in-depth coaching to rethink our structure, everyone's role and decision-making methods."

Do you want to channel the energy of your management team towards a shared vision for your company?

Are you looking for greater cohesion and collaboration between your company's various departments?

Are you looking to make workgroups more efficient, more enthusiastic and more committed?

Do you want to strengthen your employees' sense of belonging and underline their professional commitment?

Would you like to clarify your structure, processes and decision-making methods?

Do you need more internal and external communication?

Do you feel the need to calm down workgroups, reassure them and re-mobilize them around strategic priorities?

Would you like to train your local managers to become effective and attentive relays of operational decisions to all teams?

Whatever your challenges and ambitions, MF coach is your partner in finding solutions that are as effective as they are humane.

Our offer

Tailor-made solutions

At MF Coach, we know that whatever the needs of your organization, the difficulties or expectations of your workgroup, the solution we propose will be effective because it will be specific to you.

We are 100% committed to supporting you with the right tools, and we'll work with you step by step to help you achieve your goals more smoothly and efficiently.


Identify issues and develop a strategy

Coaching Comex / Codir

Setting a course

Executive Coaching

Developing your leadership

Coaching Local Manager

Passing on and deploying together

Team Coaching

Giving meaning, strengthening cooperation


Increase your skills, creativity and performance

Our approach

Reveal your potential

MF Coach offers you support over time, based on dialogue and flexibility, to bring out tailor-made solutions that reveal the full potential of your internal resources, enable the implementation of an operational strategy and facilitate the achievement of your objectives.

We analyze
We diagnose
We recommit
We support
We remobilize
We consolidate

We analyze

Our team is here to listen: we hear your immediate needs and help you formulate the key issues.
Our mission: to understand your ecosystem and the profound challenges facing your organization.

We diagnose

We carry out individual interviews with various members of the organization, which enables us to diagnose the situation and draw up a support proposal to meet the needs identified (coaching, consulting, training).

We recommit

Our professionals can help you create an inspiring vision.
To mobilize all the driving forces of your organization towards the same goal, with a common impetus.

We support

Our coaches and trainers use specific, tailored methods to help everyone in the company to develop their skills.
So that everyone can find their place and become the driving force behind the company's strategy.

We remobilize

In seminars, co-development sessions and team coaching workshops, our team encourages the development of collective intelligence.
For teams that understand each other, collaborate, help each other and adapt faster.

We consolidate

We support and advise you over time, to ensure that new practices take root, that solutions are adjusted and that the objectives of our partnership are achieved.
For the implementation of lasting solutions and sustainable change.

Commitment, Listening, Empathy:
the basis of our partnership at MF Coach

Building a partnership

Every organization, every project, every challenge, every individual is unique. That's why at MF Coach we work with you in a flexible partnership to co-construct tailor-made solutions.

What are the three dimensions of this partnership?


Whatever your project, it becomes ours. At MF Coach, we're fully committed to working alongside you, from the definition of your challenges to the long-term implementation of your solutions.

The method

We work hand in hand to bring out the resources you have at your disposal, so that we can co-construct with you solutions tailored to your ambitions. To do this, we rely onempathetic listening to pinpoint your needs and quickly identify suitable processes.

The weather

At MF Coach, we help you to take the time to breathe, to distance yourself from the daily grind, to discern more clearly what's at stake and what you want to achieve. Thanks to this momentary height, you'll find the new alignment, the new form adapted to your ambitions and values.

Your success stories

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The central focus of our missions

Unleashing team potential for an agile, inspiring, and growing enterprise

We're proud of the values they embody and thrilled by each of their victories !

Your coach-consultant-trainers

We look forward to meeting you!

To meet the diversity of situations and challenges, our consultancy, training, and corporate coaching firm brings together coaches with diverse backgrounds, enriched by a wealth of experiences

It's also our job to find the right professional to understand your needs and adapt to your challenges.