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Coaching, a profession on the rise

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If you dream of working in this profession, if you want to be useful and make a contribution, if you often want to help but find yourself at a loss, then come and learn the necessary and essential "tools" for this wonderful profession, which holds many surprises and great rewards in store for you.

The coaching profession

"To be a coach is to accompany a person or a group of people towards one or more desired and beneficial changes."
Robert Dilts

The "coach" conducts a series of interviews aimed at :

develop the skills of "coachees" and

realize their potential.

Within the framework of an interactive and structured approach, the coach helps the coachee to come up with their own answers and solutions: the aim is to listen to people and help them to define and then succeed in their project, beyond the obstacles that constrain them, while respecting their values and taking into account their environment. This support is characterized by the implementation of concrete actions.

The different courses at our school

The MF Coach coaching school trains you in the practice of coaching, either as a profession or to enrich your current professional practices.

Professional Coach

In this training course, you will discover the profession of coach, its specificities compared to other coaching professions, the coach's posture, learn the tools of coaching from multidisciplinary approaches and put them into practice throughout the course.

Team coach

Discover the challenges of teamwork, the systemic approach, learn how to diagnose team functioning, frame your interventions and experiment with tools for facilitating collective intelligence.

Skills assessment coach/consultant

Refine your coaching skills to support a beneficiary in developing and validating a motivating, coherent and realistic professional project. Familiarize yourself with the methodological foundations and key tools for each stage of the skills assessment process

Somatic coach

Deepen your coaching skills, your presence and your interventions with this training, the only one of its kind in France. Somatic coaching is a coaching process that uses non-verbal language and body intelligence as the main channel for transformation.

Join us

Joining us means

Get started on your projects!

Coaching, thanks to all the role-playing exercises carried out during training sessions

Build on your talents and strengths

Build a life centered around your values

Identifying and satisfying your needs

Reinforce your limits

Identify the "parasites" that are draining your energy

Adopt a positive attitude and make the present perfect

Develop your emotional and relational skills

Join a community - the MF tribe - to support, work and share.

Over the past 15 years, we have developed unique learning methods

Our teaching methods

Our training courses are based on an active teaching approach: "you learn by doing". All our trainers are coaches with a passion for their profession and for passing on knowledge, and come from different professional backgrounds.

Our courses combine e-learning with videoconferencing or face-to-face training. All concepts transmitted are immediately put into practice and supervised.

We take care to create small groups of no more than 12 people per course to encourage learning, give everyone their place and create a fruitful collaborative environment.

Encouraged and supported, that's how you're ready to embark on your projects as soon as you leave training.

Our philosophy

For us, coaching is more than a profession, it's a way of being in the world that's open, optimistic, supportive and solutions-oriented.

A coach therefore trains regularly,

Self-reflection and self-questioning
Takes feedback on what is happening and organizes reactions accordingly
Negotiate useful and precise contracts
Knows how to create a network of like-minded people with whom he can build win-win relationships. He's a DAUPHIN, not a shark.

Questions transference, counter-transference, role-playing and power play during supervision sessions

He knows how to imagine, visualize and .... realize. For him, it's better to live his dreams than to dream his life!

Fields of intervention of a coach

Improving communication

Clarify your motivations and values

Managing relationship difficulties

Managing stress and emotions

Take up a new position with the best conditions for success

Improving daily practices

Clarify your personal goals

Managing aggression

Better manage your priorities

Resolving a conflict situation

Increasing self-confidence

Defining a new life project

Making the most of your talents

Asserting yourself

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